Our Vision is to engage with Communities throughout Ireland and elsewhere, where the opportunity arises and in doing so bring
HOPE and OPPORTUNITY based on our ethos which is that :
“There is no such thing as a Hopeless Case”

Doormats, Ceramics etc Story ...

All products are hand made in the Joshua Social Enterprises by people who have had various issues and challenges that has inhibited them from enjoying fulfilment in their lives. They all have come through the Joshua New Beginnings program and are now enjoying a Fresh Start and 2nd chance in their lives. Since Joshua is a registered Charity, all of the profits made from these Social Enterprises will be invested in the Charity to help support others coming through the project.

The Story Behind Our Paintings ...

Artist :  Matthew Farrelly

When I was a young boy I was fascinated with painting & drawing. I got my first paint box of oil paints at 14 years of age. I left school early to work on building sites with my brothers. I started work in the mines in year 1980 & worked there for almost 40 years. I had to retire early due to health reasons. In my local community centre I found a book written by Anna Frank. She got a notebook for her 13th birthday & kept an account of what was happening in her life during world war 2. She became famous for her writings. This inspired me to start experimenting with paints again. I then came in contact with the Joshua Community, they encouraged me to paint and teach as a therapy to others what I had self-taught myself.

I now enjoy my God-given talent, painting & helping others.

Enjoy my paintings.


The Story Behind Lackenlake Goats Milk Soap…

Our Real Goats Milk Soap is handmade in Ireland, in the beautiful Cavan countryside, using milk from our very own prize winning herd of pedigree British Saanen goats.

My story began back around 2008. I had such a fascination with goats, that I just had to get some. I started to drink the milk, to try and improve the very bad eczema which I had suffered with for many years. Having heard about the benefits of using Goats Milk Soap for many skin conditions I set about researching it.I found out it can be very helpful for people with conditions such as Eczema , Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne and it also has anti- aging properties.

So I decided to make some for myself. After about a month of using the soap, my skin was much better. I continue to use it to this day.

My eczema kept improving all of the time with continuous use. I now no longer have any problems with my skin. Also over the years I have helped many family and friends. Our aim at Lackenlake Goats is to help improve the lives of many people , in promoting healthy skin. We do not claim to have a cure for these conditions. But using Goats Milk Soap has been proven to greatly alleviate some of the symptoms.

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Using Goats Milk Soap has several benefits!

Many people are still washing their skin with soap made with water. Switching to soap made with raw goats’ milk can truly benefit your skin’s health. Goats’ milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. It is also perfect for maintaining healthy skin. Unprocessed, raw goat milk fresh from the farm contains the following benefits.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Goat Milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which help remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. This leaves new cells on the surface of your skin that are so effective because they break down the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together. Removing dead skin cells will help many conditions by removing irritation. Water-based soaps may use harsh chemical acids to accomplish this, frequently with skin damaging results.

Goat milk contains many vitamins, but is particularly high in Vitamin A, which is necessary to repair skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin. There have been several medical studies showing that creams made with Vitamin A reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne, and provide some psoriasis relief. Water based soaps can be artificially fortified with vitamins, but most aren’t.

Fat molecules are an important part of making good soap. The cream that is present in goat milk helps boost the moisturising quality of goat milk soaps. Since many people suffer from dry skin, particularly in the winter months, this is an important quality for soap. Goat Milk soap will not dry your skin out like many other soaps. This is important because keeping skin naturally moisturised helps keep skin healthy.

Goat milk contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. Selenium is believed by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer. Selenium can also help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. Although the water used in other soaps may contain minerals such as calcium, sodium, or iron (commonly found in tap water), that’s not much help when it comes to your skin.

PH Balance
Goat milk soap has the same PH as the skin which is another reason why it works so well. Regardless of whether your skin is healthy or not, it will certainly benefit from using a handmade soap, made not with water, but with unprocessed, raw goat milk fresh from the farm. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in goats’ milk daily, to keep her beauty and youth.

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Eczema Relieving

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